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Switchscene Wipewall

This amazing paint transforms walls into wipe-clean spaces that you can write on using whiteboard-type markers. It can be used in a multitude of settings including offices, meeting rooms, schools, children’s bedrooms, hospitals, bars, restaurants, hotels and more. Writing can be erased over and over again, just like a wipe-clean board, but on whichever wall you like! Any painted wall can become a wipewall regardless of colour, and one 500ml can cover a generous 5-6 square metres.

Wipewall has literally limitless possibilities.

It’s a uniquely durable, polyurethane-based paint for walls and other non-porous surfaces. As the polymers are not diluted with pigments, the paint is colourless and therefore increases the longevity of your writing surface. It forms an impermeable coating which can then be written on repeatedly with good quality, erasable whiteboard markers. Obviously, as a colourless paint, it can be applied to previously painted walls meaning that you keep the colour scheme of your choice. Wipewall can also be used in conjunction with our Switchscene magnetic paint for a truly versatile, interactive wall.

Why use us?

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We print in-house

We print all of our wallpaper in-house, near Chester. Because we are in complete control of the printing process from start to finish, we can deliver exceptional quality at a competitive price.

And if you get a cheaper quote, come back to use before you book because we believe that we can't be beaten on price.

Switchscene | Commercial Wallpaper | Ownership of Process

Ownership of the process

Because we own the entire production process from start to finish, we make sure that from initial brief to delivery, each step is monitored, measured and accountable - providing you with exceptional results.

We don't outsource anything and we account for everything so we deliver quality, every time.

Switchscene | Commercial Wallpaper | Consistency


We use state-of-the-art printers which produce absolute consistency over large print jobs - as well as over re-orders after several months.

So, you can be absolutely sure that what you've specified is what we deliver.

Switchscene | Commercial Wallpaper | Quality materials

Quality materials

Using the highest quality materials available including leading brands such as Digimura, Digifort and Dreamscape, guarantees an impeccable finish.

We also offer generic, high-quality budget materials that provide excellent results and exceptional value for money.

Contact us for a full list.

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As we have our own printers we are not converters or agents, unlike many in the market, so we can give you outstanding results at the best possible market prices.

If you get a competitive quote that is lower than ours, come back to us before you book.

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