Removable quality graphics for shell schemes and exhibitions

Ideal for shell schemes, easy to put on and remove, reusable and exceptional quality.

Designed to make a stunning visual impact, Switchscene is a simple-to-install, economical wallpaper solution for permanent and temporary graphics such as point of sale or shell scheme exhibition graphics. We generate and print your display artwork on 200 gsm unwoven paper that has a water-activated patented adhesive.

Straightforward to assemble, with no paste and no self-adhesive backing paper to peel off, you just use a normal spray water bottle to wet the surface of the wall or panel then line up the paper and roll it down using a cloth or spatula to smooth as you go along. The paper will initially ‘float’ on the water, making is easy to put in place and re-position or re-align during the first ten minutes or so.

You can leave the paper up for as long or short a time as you like – ideal for shell scheme exhibition stands. Or, as it’s so economical to use, your wallpaper and murals can be refreshed regularly. Removable in one piece with very little or no residue left behind, any that does remain can easily be removed with water – though it’s unlikely to happen unless the wall has been inadequately primed.

Switchscene paper can be used on any well-primed or painted wall as well as Dibond and other aluminum composite materials, acrylic sheets and Foamex panels – giving you a multitude of flexible solutions to create a striking and compelling visual display.


How to apply and remove in 5 easy steps

Step 1

Prepare the surface: just make sure it’s clean and free from any glue or left-over paper from the previous users.

Step 2

Spray the area with water: a nice fine spray will do, it doesn’t have to be soaked.

Step 2

Start at the top: position the paper in the top corners and slowly roll it down spraying water as you go and smoothing it with your hands.

Step 4

Once the paper is in place you will be able to move it around slightly to get it exact, then gently brush with a soft clean brush. As the water dries it will tighten up, removing any small blemishes.

Step 5

At the end of the show, start at the top and carefully roll the paper down to peel it off. Wipe any excess water from the surface and store for the next time.


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