It’s no secret that office décor and design can have a significant impact on the workforce. It could be argued that the nicer the environment, the more valued staff feel. Wallpaper is a pretty good way to create a feature wall in a design space, big or small, as feature walls are interesting to look at and add some personality to workspace.

And yet, for many years, wallcoverings have appeared to be quite out of favour both at home and at the office. Lately, however, they appear to be having something of a renaissance.

For a long time, wallpaper was completely disregarded in a corporate environment, possibly because it was associated with domesticity. But times have changed. New materials, bespoke designs (even your own), one-piece and wide-width paper with bold patterns, subtle textures or even wallpaper maps could easily transform all sorts of settings from restaurants to pubs and hotels, to schools, to residential homes, to offices.

Nowadays, thanks to new digital printing technology, bespoke wallcoverings are much more durable, accessible and relatively inexpensive.  Small runs can be made, even for single walls, using photographs, maps and digital art.  These are perfect for meeting rooms, reception areas, breakout spaces or even stairwells.  SuperSpan wallpaper leaves a seamless finish as it is printed in one piece as opposed to the usual contract width. Wallpaper can also be vinyl-free, waterproof or even partly made with recycled wood-pulp.

Things have certainly moved on from a bit of flock, so what does the future hold for wallpaper? Well, in development is privacy wallpaper that blocks certain mobile phone and wi-fi signals, and according to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, there’s even wallpaper that can help prevent masonry falling in an earthquake on its way.

Wallpaper – you’re back.




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