How to get visitors to your show stand

For a long time now, having a stand at a trade show has been a solid investment in terms of trying to bring in new business leads. At the same time, they give your business a great deal of exposure when you consider the usual footfall at a show.

However, people walking past and seeing your stand, and even talking to people if they walk on to it is not an end in itself. What you want is for those connections to turn into leads, then results and then profit. And logically, the more people who visit your stand, the more chances there are for that to happen.

In order to get those visitors then, you need to attract them to your stand – so here are some ideas to help make that happen.

Be aesthetically aware
Make sure that your main goal for the trade show is reinforced by your stand whether it’s your brand or your products. So, don’t be passive about design. Make informed and deliberate decisions about the aesthetic design of the stand regarding shell scheme signage. It is all about creating the right look and feel of the image you want to project to prospects.

Get creative
At a trade show in your particular industry, most of you are there for the same reason – so it makes sense that the stands run the risk of being a little generic. This is your chance to be unique – or at least a bit different – and that may well get you noticed. First impressions count: as we take one fifth of a second to form an opinion of a website and 94% of that opinion is design related it’s worth bearing this in mind when you think about your stand.

Be interactive if you can
If you can showcase your product or service in an interactive way people will stay on your stand and you’ll get a crowd. Touch screens, AR and VR for example, are great ways to display your business offering.

Engage with people
Behave like a person and treat people as individuals, not as just another statistic in a dry and cynical process. Remember that they want something, or they wouldn’t be there, and they are far more likely to do business with someone they like who shows a genuine interest in them and their needs – just like you would.

Promote yourself before the show
It makes sense. If you can promote yourself to people before the event, they’re more likely to seek you out when they get there. Use social media, engage with posts and comments, and send reminders beforehand. Then people will know who to look for.

Don’t assume that bigger is always better
Think about this: a large stand with a few visitors isn’t going to look as good as a smaller stand that is full. Spend your money wisely – which doesn’t always mean getting the biggest stand that you can. Think about who your customers are, and their aspirations then choose a stand that you can match to them.

Get other people to write about you.
Why not contact publications in your field and try to get them to feature you? Again, if you give them something different to say, they’re more likely to write about you than about the other 98% of stands that are indistinguishable from each other.

And that’s it. Make your stand visually pleasing and creative – even interactive if it suits you. Have seats, have a few refreshments and be warm, friendly and genuine – remember that’s the marketing that you can’t buy. And when your stand is buzzing, guess who’ll want to come and see what’s going on? Exactly – the people who haven’t been there yet.

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