Wallpaper Patterns – A Very Personal Choice

When selecting wallpaper for a workspace, colours are of course the main factor but when it comes to patterns it’s a very personal decision which should be informed by what you expect the effect of a specific pattern to be. This, in turn, should be informed by what actual work will be done in the workspace itself. For example, a fashion designer who is inspired by a particular period of history may be on the lookout for inspiring wallpapers with motifs from that era to stimulate ideas for their own designs. Likewise, environmentalists might be keen on a pattern which reminds them of their love of nature.

Motifs and patterns should always impact positively on work efficiency and creativity and are therefore a very individual choice. A pattern that may have a beneficial influence on one person’s concentration and inspiration might have the opposite effect on another so it’s worth asking yourself the following questions before taking the plunge:

What impact does the pattern have on my mood and feelings and does this tie in with my specific professional requirements?

Should my work focus be reflected in the wallpaper pattern?

What is the design concept (modern, purist, artistic, abstract, vintage) I’m aiming to achieve with the wallpaper?

Will I be happy with my choice of pattern or might I get bored with it?

Will the wallpaper pattern work for me even if I spend large amounts of time in the workspace?

Should all walls have the same wallpaper or is a mixture of plain-coloured and patterned a better option?

If the specific tasks conducted in the space are likely to cause damage or discolouration – for example paint splashes – it’s best to choose washable or even scrub-resistant wallpapers.

It’s also worth considering whether the pattern could become a distraction from your work, or whether it will help you concentrate. For example, in a room where children are doing their homework or studying, wallpaper with the potential to create a learning environment is a positive benefit and far preferable to one which might affect their ability to concentrate. There is even a “blackboard” wallpaper which could be used for learning at home or even in the office.

Clearly, when it comes to wallpaper in the workspace, colour and pattern are vital to maximising the positive effect that the wallpaper can have. With a little thought, wallpaper can help towards improved productivity and efficiency – surely an added bonus from something which up until now you may have thought was simply a choice of décor…

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