Office Design Can Attract Employees – and Help Keep Them

It’s been suggested in a recent survey that a quarter of employees, from CEOs to entry-level associates, place significant importance on the environment in which they work. So, it stands to reason that businesses of all sizes would be wise to do all they can to make workplaces as comfortable as possible if they want to recruit and retain high quality staff.

For small businesses looking to attract serious talent, an appealing and comfortable workplace should be used as a recruitment tool to attract employees and retain them and to ignore this would appear to be missing a trick.

According to the survey, workers’ wish lists show that they want the right technology, better communication and a healthy workplace in addition to flexible settings and spaces – surely an achievable goal in this day and age?

88% of the employees surveyed want to work with the option of privacy. This figure included 71% who indicated a desire for variety and fluidity in their settings, giving them choice in something as simple as where they could sit.

The idea of flexibility appears to be a key important factor for workers, as 87% of employees said they would like varied settings such as workshops, meeting rooms, private spaces and chill-out zones to name a few.

Not surprisingly, results from the survey showed how critical the physical environment in which employees work has become to their overall state of mind – though this does stands to reason. When asked to rate the importance of a workspace to their happiness on a scale of 1 to 10, most ranked it an 8.

So as an employer, you’d be wise to listen to your employees whether they spend eight hours a day in the office or have a more flexible and autonomous working arrangement with you as making it an enjoyable space is clearly a significant motivator. A great workspace may go a long way to recruiting a great workforce – and retaining it.

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