The Benefits of Superspan Wallpaper


SuperSpan wallpaper separates itself from the norm because, instead of being applied by rolls, it consists of one large piece of wallpaper that can be applied quickly and seamlessly.

This design is extremely practical and is much quicker and easier to apply to the wall than normal wallpaper – two people can apply this to the wall without being concerned with making each individual roll line up perfectly. If the wallpaper is patterned, by using SuperSpan you also eliminate the risk of not having the patterns aligned.

It is particularly suitable where there is a single image or design, that needs to be replicated and installed accurately and quickly.

By it’s nature This design of wallpaper is also more hardwearing, as there is no risk that seams will catch and rip. Also, the design is waterproof enough to be used in showers and bathrooms, and when used in the rest of the house this feature means that the walls will be stain and splash resistant.

For a seamless and elegant print on hardwearing and waterproof paper, SuperSpan is ideal for a restaurant or bar, or anywhere else where elegance is required along with durability.

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